Guidebook: Ringworm

Chapter 9: Summary of Ringworm Prevention and Treatment

  • There is no effective vaccine against ringworm.
  • There is no absolutely reliable screening test.
  • Practice good husbandry - keep animals clean and well-nourished, treat other diseases and against external and internal parasites and always avoid crowding and minimize stress.
  • Avoid mixing kittens with adult cats and with unrelated kittens. In the case of single kittens or a surrogate queen, then weigh the pros and the cons.
  • Perform careful visual exam of all incoming animals and isolate suspects.
  • Further screening of foster and group housing candidates as described previously.
  • During an outbreak or in areas that have frequent problems with ringworm, separate housing of all kittens in an easy to disinfect area for at least two weeks, followed by careful re-inspection for signs of ringworm.
  • Develop a clear written protocol for handling ringworm, and ensure that staff and foster care providers are familiar with this protocol and the signs of ringworm.