Free Shelter Housing Consultation

The UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program is offering free shelter housing recommendations for housing units for cats.

Double-compartment cages decrease feline URI

Shelter housing has a direct impact on animal health and well-being. Good shelter housing minimizes stress. Less stress means a decreased risk of URI for cats in your care and dogs more ready to meet potential adopters. Good shelter housing also maximizes staff time, making effective sanitation faster, easier, and safer.

  • Are you remodeling or buying new housing for cats in your facility and want to know if it meets best practices and animal needs?
  • Do you want to know if your cat housing is helping or hindering your shelter cats?
  • Is it too much to try to figure out on your own?

KSMP loves cats and shelter cat housing and we want to help! To get your free email consultation, please tell us a bit more about yourself below.

Here are some resources to get you started and familiar with our approach to shelter housing:

Low stress cat housing diagram

Low stress cat housing diagram
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