2015 HSUS Exposition Fellowship Presentations

Last updated: 2015-04-07
Document type: Lectures/Podcasts/Webinars
Topics: Shelter Design and Housing, Shelter Population Management, Infectious Disease
Species: Canine, Feline

Each year the UC Davis/ University of Wisconsin Shelter Medicine Fellows present a series of lectures at the HSUS Exposition. View and download the PowerPoint presentations for each lecture given by our fellows at the 2015 Expo.

1. Dr. Denae Wagner and Dr. Jennifer Morris 

2. Dr. Cynthia Karsten and Dr. Kimberly Bodner

3.  Dr. Kate Hurley and Dr. Jen Delmasso

4. Dr Chumkee Aziz and Dr. Tony Malone

5. Dr. Sandra Newbury and Dr. Laura Balanoff

6. Dr. Jyothi Robertson and Dr. Aleisha Swartz

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