Portal It Forward Initiative Aims to Spread Benefits of Portals to Shelters Everywhere

Dr. Kate Hurley displaying a portalDr. Kate Hurley likes to think big. She knows that portalized double-compartment housing makes shelter animals happier and healthier while making their care easier for shelter staff. So she asks, How can we make it so every shelter in the world could offer portalized cages to the animals in their care?

The answer: the Portal Pay It Forward Fund, and the Portal It Forward campaign. Using the money from her Maddie’s Hero Award, Dr. Hurley will purchase up to 30 portals for each of ten shelters chosen by lottery in March, 2018. Continue reading “Portal It Forward Initiative Aims to Spread Benefits of Portals to Shelters Everywhere”

KSMP Verifies Humane Society Silicon Valley as First-Ever Model Shelter

A couple of years ago, Dr. Cristie Kamiya, Chief of Shelter Medicine at Humane Society Silicon Valley and Koret Shelter Medicine Program alumna, had an ambitious idea: meet all 543 “must, should, and ideal” guidelines in the Association of Shelter Veterinarians’ 2010 “Guidelines to Standards of Care in Animal Shelters” white paper.

In order to achieve that goal, HSSV would have to meet all minimum standards of humane care, match all strong recommendations, and implement all the best practices set forth in the Guidelines. KSMP Program Director, Dr. Kate Hurley, one of 14 co-authors of the ASV’s Guidelines, led a marathon two-day KSMP team effort to verify HSSV’s implementation in November, 2017. The determination: HSSV is the world’s first “Model Shelter” based on the Guidelines. Today, teams at HSSV and the KSMP announced the achievement at a joyous celebration. Continue reading “KSMP Verifies Humane Society Silicon Valley as First-Ever Model Shelter”

Dr. Kate Hurley Receives Maddie’s Hero Award

Koret Shelter Medicine Program Director Dr. Kate Hurley has received a Maddie’s Hero Award in the category of Big Picture Thinking for her pioneering work with the Million Cat Challenge, crystallizing and popularizing data-driven policies and practices that help shelters increase their lifesaving capacity. Continue reading “Dr. Kate Hurley Receives Maddie’s Hero Award”

KSMP Veterinarians Receive Animal Welfare Innovation and Leadership Award

Cindy, Kate, and Denae celebrate their CFHS AwardDoctors Kate Hurley, Cindy Karsten, and Denae Wagner of the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program have received the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies’ Animal Welfare Innovation and Leadership Award for their “outstanding leadership in the creation of a program that is revolutionizing the cat overpopulation crisis and saving millions of lives – Capacity For Care (C4C).” They received the award at the opening ceremony of the 2016 CFHS National Animal Welfare Conference. Continue reading “KSMP Veterinarians Receive Animal Welfare Innovation and Leadership Award”

Edmonton Humane Society takes part in challenge to save one million cats

Kittens in a portalized cage

The Million Cat Challenge, a joint project of the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program and the University of Florida Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program, launched the shelter-based campaign in 2014 to save cats all over North America, with Edmonton being the first shelter in Western Canada to take part. The goal is to reduce euthanasia and ensure humane care for shelter cats.

Read the full story from the Edmonton Journal.

Canine Influenza Virus (H3N2) Outbreak

Puppy with influenza

A recent outbreak of canine influenza virus (CIV) in the Chicago area has been determined to be due to an H3N2 strain from Asia. This CIV strain had not been previously detected in North America. Below is a list of resources for veterinary clinics and the public, including virus description, diagnostics, management, and recommendations for clients. Continue reading “Canine Influenza Virus (H3N2) Outbreak”

Manufactured Portals are Here

Portals are here and available for ordering from UCD Veterinary School Bookstore.

Cat cage portal with hardware, not yet installed

Read important info below before ordering.

Orders will be processed through our Vet School book store: Swaggie.  Portals are $65.00/each, template $50.00/each (a single template can help install many portals). Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  The bookstore can only take credit card orders over the phone, but if you want/need to pay in some other manner please call the Swaggie Store at 530-752-3369 to discuss your needs for payment.

These portals will fit in cages that have a space between cages that ranges from ~2″ – 2.75″ – this should be most stainless cages and most fiberglass cages. If the distance between your cages is less than 2″- contact me at  before ordering.

For more details, please refer to our information sheet Manufactured Portals: Order Information and Instruction for Installation.