Spot cleaning dog kennels

Last updated: 2015-06-18
Document type: Information Sheet
Topics: Shelter Design and Housing, Infectious Disease
Species: Canine

Spot cleaning done right can be healthier for dogs and more efficient for shelter staff than daily full cleaning and disinfection. Download this sample dog spot cleaning protocol PDF.

Spot cleaning is a method of daily cleaning that is effective and greatly shortens cleaning time – a time that is very loud and stressful on animals. This is an acceptable (and preferable) method of cleaning kennels for adult dogs (>5 months) who have been in the shelter for at least 3 days and will remain in their same kennel. Having double-compartment housing units for all dogs makes this easy to implement. Spot cleaning allows staff more time after cleaning for other animal care needs, individual animal attention and time to perform tasks that may not otherwise be accomplished when full cleaning and disinfection of every housing unit is performed on a daily basis.

Spot cleaning is not appropriate for cleaning a cage in preparation for a new dog arrival, this is the time for deep cleaning and disinfection, or when the cage is so heavily soiled that a thorough cleaning with soap and water is required.

For more detailed information, download our sample Dog Spot Cleaning Protocol PDF below.

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