Webinars on COVID Response

Last updated: 2020-04-24
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Document type: Lectures/Podcasts/Webinars
Topics: Shelter Population Management, Infectious Disease

Dr. Sandra Newbury and Dr. Kate Hurley explain why shelters must make some difficult choices in order to protect animal and human health during the COVID-19 pandemic. View and download the presentation slides, watch the videos, and gain access to all the resources referenced in the webinars.

4/23 "Maintaining live outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic...and beyond"

A pre-recorded discussion with representatives of three very different shelters offers a variety of ways to maintain live outcomes no matter what your situation, with a short live Q&A afterwards moderated by Dr. Alex Ellis. We recommend watching Dr. Kate Hurley's "Maintaining live outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic...and beyond" before viewing the 4/23/20 Rounds recording.

  • Watch the video of the 4/23 panel discussion featuring Matt Witte (Wisconsin Humane Society), Dr. Emily Purvis, Julia Sauer, and Jackie Beatty (Auburn Valley Humane Society), and Meghan Ramczyk (Stockton Animal Shelter). Includes unedited audio transcript and chat text.
  • Download a list of resources mentioned during the 4/23 call (DOCX)
  • Watch the video of Dr. Hurley's 4/21/20 "Maintaining live outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic...and beyond" presentation to California shelters.
  • Download Dr. Hurley's slides (PDF)

4/9/20 “Shelter admission decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic: providing service safely”

Dr. Kate Hurley of the Koret Shelter Medicine Program at UC Davis and Dr. Sandra Newbury of the University of Wisconsin Shelter Medicine Program lead this webinar laying out the reasons shelters should be limiting admissions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reserving shelter space for only the animals who truly need it will help protect animals and slow the spread of the coronavirus among humans.

4/2/20 “UW Shelter Medicine Program Q&A with Dr. Sandra Newbury on new recommendations and protocol for sheltering COVID-19 exposed pets”

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