Capacity for Care (C4C) Bootcamps

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To work within their C4C, a sheltering organization must determine and sustain their ideal population. In doing so, they will enhance animal health and welfare and minimize length of stay (LOS) while maintaining or improving on their goals for adoption or other positive outcomes.

“It’s one of the best things we’ve ever done here! It had the biggest impact we have seen in such a short time with the best results.” — Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society

In the past, our services included an analysis of historical and current data; review of shelter programs and operations; examination of kennel/cage size, type, set up, number and living environment; and evaluation of management practices as they relate to infectious disease control and animal welfare.

The process involved discussions with key personnel regarding current practices and future goals; analysis of population data from computer generated reports; reviews of facility layouts; a site visit if desired (and schedules permit); recommendations via phone/web conference and/or in person; and follow-up phone or email assistance as needed.

“It is working so well I am completely blown away. The response from the public with regard to the lack of crowding has been very positive, and our volunteer retention for cat volunteers has improved with the improved housing conditions for the cats. Capacity for Care is a win win win program I wish we would have started years ago!” – Laura, Shelter Manager, Placer SPCA

In order to bring the benefits of C4C to more shelters, the KSMP began moving to an online model in early 2018. In February of that year, we offered the first-ever Capacity for Care Bootcamp. Over progressive iterations, the program has evolved into the Bootcamp for Shelter Leaders.

Bootcamp for Shelter Leaders

The Million Cat Challenge and the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program team of experts bring you a brand new Bootcamp with updated shelter strategies for our post-Covid world.  This immersive course is designed to help level up your organization in less than 2 months.

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The time is now. Like, right now. Our evidence-based recommendations come paired with the resources you need to take immediate, actionable steps, the industry experts to guide you through the change-making process, and the support of your peers every step of the way. We’re doing it live, we’re doing it together, and we’re doing it now. 

I want to express to you how much this bootcamp has reinvigorated me in my work. I have been at Marin Humane for 15 years, and I feel like it is year one. We have already made some major changes and many more are in the works. Thank you all for giving us this opportunity. You are not only helping animals, but you have helped my staff. I am already seeing a different outlook.

— Keri Fennell, Marin Humane

It’ll take time, effort, and a willingness to try new things. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it. Seats are limited. Bootcamp is offered four times a year.

Registration for our Spring 2022 Bootcamp will be open soon. You can learn more and register for updates on our ShelterMedPortal Bootcamp page.

C4C Resources

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