Facility Design Bootcamp Intro Video

This is the kickoff video we use for our Facility Design Bootcamp. The exercise it describes is useful not just at the beginning of a shelter build or redesign; it’s one we should incorporate into any big journey.

Taking a moment to visit your why, your reason for being, is the only way to align your strategic planning efforts with your priorities.

Our entire team leaves our campus once a year to clear our mind and connect with our why. We spend an entire day writing everything down, asking the big questions, creating a safe space where anyone can say, “I don’t think this effort is moving us toward the outcome we truly want” without any judgement.

You may be surprised to find out how many things you’re doing aren’t actually serving your end goal. You’re not alone: Look what happened when we had the courage to recognize that the way we serve the dogs of our communities is not the same model we should be using to serve the cats.