Introducing ShelterMedPortal

We all know COVID-19 has turned our world upside down, and somehow we have both not enough information and too much.

In order to get the best information to you in the most accessible form, we’re creating COVID related online mini-courses in a super-efficient, bottom-line, what you need to know format.

Each course also has some bonus material at the end for shelter staff needing more information or online learning to make the most of working-from-home time.

And, we’re not just building mini-courses, we’re working to create a place shelter folks can gather to both learn from and connect with each other to get advice, support and share resources.

We’re calling it the Shelter Medicine Portal (ShelterMedPortal for short).

We need this platform now more than ever. So we’re firing it up a bit earlier than we had planned (in a “beta” version) and asking for your feedback to make it as useful as it can be.


  • Online Courses – from mini-courses to full-fledged “bootcamps”
  • Groups – connect with people in the same job, in your state or by special interest
  • Forums – discuss specific topics or concerns
  • Messaging and Connecting – stay in touch with others on the portal
  • Events Calendar – keep up on upcoming events
  • Updates – KSMP and others in the industry