Shelter and outdoor cat population calculator

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Shelter Population Management and Community Cat Resources

What percentage of the unowned cats in your community are housed in your shelter? Use this calculator to find out. Then target your resources to reduce cat overpopulation in your area efficiently - and humanely.

Recent science has given us more information about how many un-owned cats there are in communities. We also know that about 50% of a population needs to be removed (e.g. through admission to a shelter), or 75%-95% sterilized, in order to achieve long term control. Untargeted programs rarely come close to this level.  Using this handy calculator, you can determine  the percentage of outdoor cats impounded at your local shelter - if the number falls well shy of 50%, check out our "New Paradigms for Shelters and Community Cats" for information on more strategically targeted approaches to feline sheltering.

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