We advance shelter medicine as a veterinary specialty through research, specialty training and education, and the performance of veterinary service in animal shelters.

We improve the quality of life of animals in shelters through improvements in veterinary preventive medicine and management of disease.


Canine: Parvovirus (CPV)

Canine parvovirus (CPV) is serious disease that when identified through a routine and vigilant population health monitoring program warrants an immediate implementation of the shelter's plan of action. If your shelter does not have a plan of action in place then read on and formulate one. If you do have a plan read on and make sure yours is updated.

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Manufactured Portals: Order Information and Instruction for Installation

Installing portals between your existing cat cages is an inexpensive way to update your cat housing and save lives. With these tips, some semi-skilled elbow grease and with equipment begged, borrowed or bought, you can transform your cat housing overnight. Order your portals today.

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