Portal It Forward Videos

When Maddie’s Fund honored Dr. Kate Hurley with the Maddie’s Hero Award for Big Picture Thinking, Dr. Hurley confirmed the appropriateness of the award by using the $10,000 purse to fund the Portal It Forward campaign.

Along with their request for portals, shelters were asked to submit videos. As usual, shelters stepped up to the challenge with inspiring displays of creativity and empathy. We were so enamored with their submissions, we wanted to share them with the world… and here they are!

Baltimore County had us laughing out loud at their cats’ conversation.

The Central Brevard Humane Society sent us this winner, noting that getting portals would lead to “a pawsome outcome!!!” We’re sure you’ll agree this silent-film style video is pawsome in its own right!

Suwannee PAWS of Live Oak, FL presents a cat’s fantasy of life in a portalized cage. (Spoiler alert: the fantasy includes delightful music and dancing!) Please note there is a stroboscopic effect starting at about 4:40.

The cats at Safe Animal Shelter in Florida have it pretty good, but there’s one thing they’d like to make their time at the shelter better.

Dori, a cat at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County muses on how a portal could make her life better.

Lowell Humane tours a couple of cramped cat cages to show in just 55 seconds how their cats could benefit from more space.

Maury County, Tennessee’s municipal shelter entered the Portal It Forward competition with this creative PowerPoint, done as an investigative news report. Note: there is no audio in this video.

Amanda gives us a tour of the waiting area for cats at Vanderburgh Humane Sociey in Evansville, IN.

Quad City Animal Welfare in Milan, IL imagines what cats might think when they encounter a portal out of their cramped cage.

A cat at Chautauqua County Humane Society tells us he could use a little more space.

This bonus graphic from Helping Paws Animal Shelter of Woodstock, IL isn’t a video, but it’s so good we had to share it!

Portals lead to new paws-abilities photomontage