Andy Cowitt, Marketing and Communications Specialist

Andy with shelter dog

Andy comes to us via the San Francisco SPCA, where he spent five years as webmaster, copywriter, and designer.

Here at the KSMP, he designed, built and maintains the website you’re looking at right now. See a problem? Please let him know!

His other responsibilities include the writing copy for the website and promotional materials, editing C4C Bootcamp video and audio, general tech support, and design for web and print (or as they say here, “making things pretty”).

His biggest recent project was to design panels for the jumbo Million Cat Challenge booth at this year’s HSUS Animal Care Expo. The booth featured walls 8 feet high and sides 20, 30, and 40 feet long. It had to be that huge to hold all the examples of good housing for shelter cats and DIY housing accessories, not to mention the notorious Bad Cat Housing Challenge.

Million Cat Challenge housing booth at Expo 2019

Andy is grateful for the opportunity to support the best dang team imaginable as they improve the lives of animals in shelters—and the people who care for them—across North America.