Mandy Newkirk, Director of Communications

Mandy and Morrie

Mandy Newkirk joined the Koret Shelter Medicine Program in August of 2015. Having previously worked at the San Francisco SPCA for seven years, she draws upon her experience in shelter leadership, strategic communications, and community-based program design in her current role as Director of Communications.

Since joining the KSMP, Mandy has engaged with thousands of animal shelters around the world, sharing shelter initiatives through the Million Cat Challenge, Maddie’s Million Pet Challenge, and California for All Animals. 

Mandy received her BS in Managerial Economics from UC Davis. Like many friends working in animal welfare, she has assembled her own wolf pack, which consists of Eva, a rare tan Chihuahua, and Morrie, a terrier/Ewok. An orange tabby oversees the whole operation, of course, though two chickens try to rule the roost.