Sarah Reiwitch, Maddie’s Million Pet Challenge Instructional Designer

Sarah spent her early life dancing barefoot among the trees in a small California country town accompanied by her pet rats, cats, dogs, and a pony. She loved expressing herself artistically through many mediums and was passionate about animals, nature, and science. She pursued a career in dance from an early age but shifted her focus to science in college.

Photo of Sarah in a red sweater and jeans, sitting in a field of yellow flowers

After earning her BS in Biochemistry with a minor in Philosophy at UC Davis, she worked in biotech before returning to UC Davis in the Department of Evolution and Ecology to manage a lab and conduct scientific research on fruit flies. 

Driven by a desire to merge her passion for art, science, and education, Sarah ventured into multimedia development at the Exploratorium during the tech boom in the San Francisco Bay Area. She subsequently served as the Webmaster for the San Francisco Ballet and worked as an instructional designer at Smart Sparrow and UC Berkeley. She continues to pursue her passion for personal artistic expression as a songwriter and musician.

In May 2023, Sarah joined the Koret Shelter Medicine Program as an instructional designer, combining her expertise in online learning with her commitment to animal welfare. She is excited to deepen her knowledge of animal sheltering and help promote humane and community-centered approaches to animal care in shelters.