Catherine (Katie) Mullin, VMD, MS

Title: Shelter Medicine Resident Alumna 2008

Dr. Katie Mullin completed her residency training in shelter medicine in July 2008.

Dr. Mullin is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania school of veterinary medicine. Upon graduation Dr. Mullin performed a one year internship at the Animal Medical Center in New York. While there she serendipitously found a clinical position at the Humane Society of New York City and found her calling working in a shelter environment .  Dr. Mullin practiced shelter medicine at the shelter for over 6 years. While at the HSNY she enjoyed seeing a wide range of medical issues and her ability to help large number of patients at the shelter became very satisfying to her. Her commitment to learning methods to further the health and adoption of animals without homes prompted her move to California to complete her residency here at Davis.

One of her main objectives during her residency was to learn how to conduct good research that can be instrumental in finding ways to improve the health and adoptability of animals in shelters. Dr. Mullin has a particular interest in studying feline infectious diseases and behavior. Dr. Mullin has a strong interest in developing methods to improve the health of cats in shelters which to her seems often neglected.

We are very proud to include Dr. Mullin as one of our distinguished shelter medicine residency graduates! We are confident that with her research and shelter background she will continue to become an import asset to the sheltering community.

Dr. Mullin’s residency was made possible through a generous donation by the Kenneth A. Scott Charitable trust. We are grateful for this generous gift!