Spring 23 Shelter Summit and Fast Tracks

There’s a new, different, better experience coming to the Maddie’s® Million Pet Challenge Learniverse, and it’s designed with your feedback, your busy schedules, and your big goals in mind. The Spring 2023 Shelter Summit and Fast Tracks will give you the opportunity to learn by doing, create the change you want to see, and go further together with your colleagues and the support of expert coaches.

Sometimes positive change happens in leaps, and sometimes it happens in strategic steps. The Spring 2023 Shelter Summit, originally held on March 14, 2023, will help you identify opportunities for both, no matter your shelter size or budget. View recordings from the half-day online summit to explore topics that meet your most urgent challenges and get a bird’s-eye view of where your shelter could go next.

View the Spring 2023 Shelter Summit at Maddie’s University. The Summit has been pre-approved for CAWA and NACA CE credit; RACE approval is pending.

More info at https://university.maddiesfund.org/products/mmpc-spring-2023-shelter-summit-and-fast-tracks-on-demand-summit-recording