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If you would like to submit an inquiry regarding care for which materials are not listed on the site or would like to suggest a topic, please send an email to:  Please relay what type of facility you work with (ie. municipal facility, private shelter, open admission, limited admission, sanctuary, foster network, spay/neuter clinic, etc) and what the annual intake of the facility is.  Please understand that we cannot offer treatment advice nor provide answers to specific medical questions unless you are a veterinarian working in or providing assistance to an animal shelter.

Due to the overwhelming volume of questions we receive we cannot guarantee that all questions submitted to us will be answered individually. We encourage you to search through our Library for FAQs, information sheets, lectures and tools for an answer to your particular question.

Please allow at least 2 weeks to receive a reply to your question.

Koret Shelter Medicine Program-Center for Companion Animal Health
School of Veterinary Medicine
University of California-Davis
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