Join Team KSMP as a Facility Use and Design Veterinarian

Posted: February 22nd, 2022 Author: KSMP

Note: As of March 3, 2022, applications for this job are no longer being accepted.

Our person

We’re looking for a veterinarian who shares our mission of making change easier for the shelter leaders who are implementing new or expanded visions. You’d be joining the outreach team dedicated to doing that great work, which is often done virtually—through 1:1 video calls or courses in our online learning portal, Maddie’s® Million Pet Challenge Learniverse—but likely will include some amount of onsite work as well.  Within that team, we’re looking to expand our facility use, facility design and housing-related offerings, and we’re willing to train the right person if wellness and improved efficiency supported by great design make your heart pitter-patter. 

What your role would look and feel like

Each veterinarian on our current team has an area of interest that, all together, allows us to offer shelters comprehensive consultations. You’ll be on the Facility Design team and, as part of that team, you’ll also contribute to our larger shelter outreach team. You’ll be working closely with our resident facility design expert to round out the aspects of our consultations that address environment-supported wellness encompassing animal, staff and organizational needs. Sometimes your consultations will be in tandem with the larger team; sometimes a shelter may specifically be looking for facility design and housing support. We’re looking for someone who doesn’t mind working alone, in pairs, or as part of a 3–6-person team.

Is this opportunity speaking to YOU?

Do you love working in population health as a veterinarian? Have you experienced the benefits of a well-designed shelter and seen firsthand improved animal well-being with better housing? Were you part of a construction build-out or redesign at your shelter/clinic and recognized the project was hitting all your marks? Or have you always loved architecture and design but weren’t sure how it might intersect with your career as an animal caretaker? We’re open to all kinds of scenarios to find you, including getting creative about where you live and how you might travel with our team when necessary. Don’t be shy: we want to get to know you and hear how your passion for design might be the catalyst to transitioning into a new chapter in your career!